For reference, now that the world is coming to an end, Kalu’s background shall be public:

Days 1392 – 1393 (Sessions 46-49. Split into 2 sections)

He is dead. The God Emperor is dead, and yet I am not as happy as I should be. It was a tough battle, with him and his foul minion filling the whole room, warping the surroundings to their favor and the ‘God’ Emperor having an annoyingly strong hate for the Light of Lir, singling me out for far too long.
Of course, he was still no challenge for us, but it was at least a challenging battle.
So why am I not happy? In his last seconds, the ‘God’ Emperor claimed to be a follower of Lir, and only to have acted in her name. While he was indeed misguided, his words did ring true and I believe he thought himself a believer. In better times, I might have been able to lead him back to the path of righteousness, but he had strayed from it for too long.

As if that hadn’t been enough, the tower we were in began to collapse, and while the potion-thrower was grabbing treasure (what misguided to have such priorities!), the witch was fastest with her plan on how to save us. Using her evil powers, she summoned a water serpent to carry us out of the place. While I do not approve, there was little choice. Being at the mercy of witches… to what has this world come.

But as we escaped, I noticed another oddity. Of the three great evils we faced so far (The rat leader, Young Terror, and the ‘God’ Emperor, our cat killed two. And young terror was slowly killed by many small blows, but the other two she obliterated with formidable… well, powers (I do not understand their nature, so it is hard to tell)
Could this be a sign, that she is the one I was sent to find? We are getting closer to the portal, and I am not yet certain who I was destined to help. If it is her, there will be one more great danger until the portal, and it will be her destroying it, mimicking the three great deeds of destruction Leira fulfilled before becoming the High Priestess of the one goddess.
If there is no third act, it must be someone else, but none of the party seems truly worthy. I can only assume it is someone on the other side of this magical portal then, in this place called “moon”.

Oh well, only time will tell, maybe another hour of walking and we will be back at out ship, ready for our final journey.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!


Urgh, the last two days have been hell!
I must have spit more blood today than the rest of my life put together!
But where to begin…

Our track back to the ship was uneventful, but that was when it all turned bad.
Once we got there, a fleet of giant, flying triangular objects (the others called them pyramids) appeared and one materialized right around us.
Hundreds of vampires waited inside, led by some monstrous ape and even above him an insolent witch, thinking herself better than everyone else.
I was ready to attack, but the others told me to wait for a moment, and so we talked.
In short, she claims we are stuck in a loop of time, which she seems to believe. If it is true, Lir no doubt had a reason to create this loop, but it might very well be that she contacted me in order to finally stop it as her plans have come to fruition.
The talk was long and upsetting – the short version is that we were tricked, Young Terror stolen and all we got in return was a dagger!
She took Young Terror to the portal on her way to this “moon” in order to become a god herself. Ludicrous. Lir would never allow such a thing to happen. But nonetheless we followed, for it was clear our goal was where she went.

We traveled through the realm of Chaos, and the greedy tin can nearly lost its life – no doubt his punishment for stealing in a time of great danger to his comrades. Lir’s light protected us though, and not only saved his life but sent a creature to destroy a monstrous pursuer that attacked us.
As we finally arrived, an odd view presented itself to us. Not only rats blinking in and out of existence, fighting vampires, but also a… sky. Not a gray sky. Not a cloudy sky. Not a rainy sky. A sky. It was… blue. The most wondrous thing, as you only read about in tales of old, and even then most likely more fantasy than reality. But there it was.

And at the same time, the ladies voice, the voice that had returned after killing the god emperor, it… it changed.
Becoming more and more frantic, as if something was going on.
We carried on of course, and at the portal we were seeking our final challenge emerged. The ape, its pets and the evil lady.
Right now, the ape is dead. fallen to its death.
The only problem that remains before we can meet Lir’s creation is this sorceress, a worthy foe, though badly wounded. She faced a man called “Garlic” at the other side of the portal as it seems, and lost.
In case the cat is not the one I was sent to help (we will know after this combat), it must be him or the one imprisoned together with him that I was sent to help remake the world.

And now, in those final moments, the strangest thing has happened. The voices… they… they weakened. They are somehow … different. It is as if they had lost their connection to something, only living on in my mind. They are as insistent as ever, telling me to kill, telling me to crush all unbelievers, but they are somehow… hollow. I do not know why, nor do I need to know why. All that counts now is getting through the portal. No doubt once that is done and our final battle on the other side one, the Great Lady will be restored to her glory of old, her mind no more clouded and her pure justice reigning the realm of all men.
One more fight. One more battle. And then the day and all eternity shall be ours.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!

Day 1391 – Morning (Sessions 43-45)

The last day has been quite eventful.
Young terror has been beaten and banished into an artifact, together with the dagger we were seeking.
He is weak and pathetic now – the gift of the goddess allowed me to talk to him, and his blatant lies regarding him regaining power only shows how desperate he is.
After his destruction, the group of marauders I am currently traveling with (and it really seems that is what they are by now) planned to destroy the whole island in order to resurrect some sleeping spirit.
It didn’t go… all that well. First they – and that really is all of them – proposed leaving all the poor villagers to their fate; to almost certain doom. Only with some arguing could I convince the rest to warn the villagers, and even then I had to stay behind to make sure Glish, who stayed with me, did not resurrect the spirit prematurely.
As we finally summoned the beast, the whole mountain started to collapse. The goddess guided me that evening, and with her help we were both able to ride out of this trap of almost certain doom on the back of this spirit of air.
With a promise that we will get aid against Harzon, it left to unleash storms and destruction.

And with that the day should have been over. We talked to some of the villagers and the followers of the death spirit Sa-Nah-Gig, but as we were about to leave, three huge floating constructs appeared out of nothingness and prepared to attack. In our panic we escaped to the King’s Skull, which is where we are now.

This place is… horrible indeed. No magic seems to work which I could usually deal with, but… the voice. The voice of the goddess is silent. For the first time in five years, I can not hear it – and it frightens me.
Does she choose not to speak to me here? Is it a symbol? Is this place evil and should I leave? Or does it offer her troubled mind some peace and quiet?
On top of that, the others talked about some “Song of Lir”, a magical artifact the goddess created in her glory and that was brought here by some mad want-to-be god. Her grace struck him down for this insolence of course, but her song remains. Is it the reason for her voice not reaching this place? But how could there be a song without a voice? Is the song stilled just like her voice is? But then why does the Rasha in our party claim to hear it?
We have now set out to find the song, whatever it turns out to be. If it prevents the one true goddess from talking to me, it has to be important.
I am just concerned what will happen once we find this song. Our cat seems more bloodthirsty than her noble ancestors were. Being of the holy blood of Tir is no guarantee for good intentions it appears.
Then again, who knows what is a facade and what is not? I am beginning to think the lady might have sent me here specifically to make sure the cat gets to the song – why else would she have guided us here?
And her divine grace DOES definitely touch this place. Through me she showed the chainslinger mercy again today, as he was turned to stone by the evil of this place. Her light seared the stone and returned life to his mortal body.
With some luck, this follower of the death spirit will finally realize the truth and convert to the one true Lady.

But no matter. I am getting nervous and we should leave this place behind as fast as we can. Not hearing the voice that has guided and tested me since my freedom makes me nervous. This place is not right. This feeling is not right. Without the lady, I am just one more soul stuck in this place. I pray that her powers never leave me, but I still hope to soon be able to listen to her angelic voice once more.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!

Day 1390 – Late Afternoon P.1 (Session 42)

My joints hurt… darned spirit monstrosities!
First they throw use odd metal rods to operate doors where a lock would do. Then they install platforms moving through the mountains by the means of dark magic, and now this spirit-spitting beast dragging me along far off from the rest. How is the light of the goddess supposed to shine upon everyone if I get dragged away from them?!

Bah! And then this odd figure of chaos. A few hits and it already disappeared, leaving nothing but darkness behind. And that is the supposedly famous Young Terrror? Ridiculous!
The only explanation can be that the goddess is with us, thus this battle will be won in moments anyway. And no tossing the crystal down the mountain nor any other tricks will help them in the end.
And apparently the others seem to think the same – I would have expected them to run away otherwise.

A breeze. Let’s get this over with and get the dagger to finally be on our way of restoring our Lady.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!

Day 1390 – Afternoon (Session 41)

Two more spirits have been beaten – those both less deserving of death than the one in the tea-house.
The first one seemed more of a misguided man – driven to see animals as his equals and his fellow men as less than them.
Do not get me wrong: his actions were abominable, burning his neighbors and kin on the stakes – horrible! But at least some form of compassion shone through his corrupted demeanor. Now he is with the goddess. Shall she grant him peace where he could find none in this life.

The fourth spirit was of the man that was send to this island with the dagger. The poor fool died at the hands of the islanders and could not rest in peace. Some good sermons – and a few proper smacks on the head – brought him back to his senses and allowed him to finally rest in peace. And it officially revealed who took the dagger – the lord residing atop a mountain on this island.

According to what we learned, this “Young Terror” being also seems to be up there, potentially having the dagger in its possession… What a fool!
Now we know where Young Terror is and thus nothing shall stand in our way of destroying this abominable being – be it spirit or man! I have a feeling the light of the goddess shall help smite an evildoer of pure chaos this evening. And with that, we will have the means to find the portal, and thus be one step closer to restoring the Lady to her former perfection. It shall be glorious.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!

Day 1390 – Morning (Session 40)

The goddess has revealed the truth to me! Finally it is clear why she sent me to those hoodlums. Praise the one true lady, praise Lir!
But let’s start from the beginning.

First of all, I am surprised I am still with the group. While this has been my task, I do not see why no one questions me being there. I claimed to be seeking shelter from a storm, yet none of them has since asked me to leave… why?! Well, the lady works in mysterious ways – if she wills them to ignore this oddity, so be it.

So what is the truth that was revealed? Well, when escaping the sinking island the man without hair insulted the lady. He called her a mindless beast… heresy!
Unfortunately this lead to a minor… mishap. The lady’s voice became unbearably loud and I gave in to her cries to kill him, and thus I attacked. It was a short fight for I regained control rather quickly, and he was not even fighting back. Not one of my proudest moments, but it was the will of the goddess and thus he deserved it.
But more importantly, during this encounter some truths were revealed to me! Apparently there is a construction which they call the “Womb of Lir” – a magical silver circle in the sky that has been imbued by the goddess’s power. If one were to reach it, the dark spirits haunting our lady could be destroyed and it would be able to restore her to her full glory!
I have no doubt this party has more sinister plans, but I will deal with that when it becomes necessary. Furthermore it turns out the bald one and the hoofed one both follow the evil spirit Sa-Nah-Gig. Maybe I have joined a group of spirit worshipers? But Lir teaches to love all, even the misguided ones, doesn’t she? Oh well, as long as they don’t get access to this circle before a true believer does all should be fine.

The rest of the time since then was rather uneventful. I met another member of their crew that was staying below deck before – a tin can crafting doodads and gimmicks. Nothing to be afraid of – and he even healed me once, so his intent seems good. He is rather eager to fight, but who knows what injustices have lead to that. The lady bless him.

We now landed on an island close to my wretched home. Apparently some dagger which we need to enter the realm of the silver circle resides here. So far we had to destroy one spirit that attacked us (after everyone insisted on walking into an obvious trap) and hopefully purified another spirit?!
It is not clear, but thanks to the support of the misguided hoofed one we could avoid a fight with this second spirit and restore sanctity to a shrine. It has not been seen since.
Now let us see what comes next. There are three more spirits, one of them should have the dagger. If the goddess wills it, it will be the one on the farm we are heading to right now.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!

Day 1387 (Session 39)

After more than a month of searching I have finally caught up to them. It wasn’t that hard to be honest – they seem to leave a trail of carnage and destruction wherever they go. As we speak, a city gets torn apart behind our ship and I suspect it is their doing.
But be that as it may, the question arises – who of them is of any relevance?

The first hints are unclear. Within an hour of meeting the group and masking myself as an innocent traveler, we were fortunate enough to be given the chance to send some undead and a rat – no doubt mindless servants of Sa-Nah-Gig – back to where they belong. This revealed the first truth: No one from the party seems to have given their soul over to eternal darkness, as at Lir’s grace I was able to heal them all.

The question then is: Which of them did the great goddess want me to find? Surely it can’t be all of them!

On first glance I assumed it would be the metal warrior Glish, a stalwart champion and protector. However his words are blatant lies – designed to deceive and take advantage of others. He is neither fiend nor holy warrior, thus no one to worry about for now.
He would not travel with them without some reasons of his own though, so I should find those out to avoid surprises.

So maybe I was sent to find someone of a divine will? There was a warrior of great strength and unusual looks wielding a chain – and as far as I could tell he was infused by a holy touch. In the midst of battle I saw him restoring health to some of his allies, confirming this suspicion. I could however see no symbol of Tir on any of his clothes. Most unusual! It might be that I mistook the power of some spirit for those of the true divine, but it would be good to know.

Who then? While I should not make any premature decisions, the most likely one to be honest is the construct of colored stones and two heads. The pure sight of those two heads is appalling, and the effect of chaos magic obvious. However… he was talking without using his human head at times, directly to the soul of others. This gift is usually restricted to the holy agents of Tir… but the most foul of demons also grant such powers to their followers. In either case, it would be paramount to keep an eye on him!

There was also the witch! Meddling with the powers of Lord Udoril… what a fool she must be!
Of course, I have seen others do so, but daring to use it so casually? Bah! Her witchcraft no doubt could endanger all of them, which I shall not accept. If it were not for the fact that Lir’s will infused her multiple times with obvious effect during the battle, my blade would already be stuck between her shoulders! But we shall see… maybe she has her use in the larger pattern after all.

Which only leaves us to the two warriors of unreal strength. I hope they are not of evil nature, for even with Lir’s will innocents might get hurt if I have to smite them down.
First there is the man of no hair. I have seen near nothing of him during our battle – which is what makes the outcome even more frightening. When it took two of us to keep one side of the battle under control, he solely took the other side and came out near unscathed shortly after. I counted five heaps of bones where his fury was unleashed, yet I have so far not seen any weapon on his body. Maybe he uses divine power… maybe demonic… hopefully he is just a really, really strong man with good intentions.

And the last one was probably even more scary in her fury. With the looks of a nice and friendly cat she seemed completely innocent at first. And yet it was her that saved the day when what we came for was all but lost. Moments before the archfiend leading those undead escaped, she flickered and raced further than any being should be able to move, pouncing towards the skeletal rat and tearing it apart. Even using my finest strikes I would need close to a dozen of them to unleash the power she let loose within seconds. Once more I hope I will never have to face her in battle, for naught but the holy will of Lir could save me in such a case.

That covers them all, and I am none the wiser. As long as they take me for a foolish traveler seeking refuge on their ship I should be fine. Let’s play this game a little longer and let them believe what they want, until Lir reveals the full truth to me and her holy light shall sear or aid them as she wills.

Praise to the one true goddess. Praise to the lady of life. Praise to Lir!


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