Gazetteer - The kings Skull

A haunted atoll between Harzon and the Lir-Foam Islands, near the Shifting Seas. This is the tomb of the god-emperor of the old world. In the days of the fiery sun when Lir was dead and sand blew across the ocean floors, the god-emperor found himself both mad and besieged by the world. His sorcerer-kings and queens had turned against his rule and the Draconian armies he had forged were in revolt. He sealed his castle and it became a silent place.

This wind-swept and lonely place is never visited. Even avoided by the strongest creatures of Lir. A terrible power here makes magical items and artifacts inert. Even trying to use them risks life and limb*.

Some say great wealth and powerful magics lie hidden in the mostly submerged tower that rises from the central atoll’s waters. Others say only death awaits those who try to discover its secrets.

The Heroes of Amber have discovered that it also holds somewhere in its depths, The Song of Lir. A powerful artifact from the dawn of the world. A power that can only be used by those pure linage to the world of Lir. The Rasha have heard its song from the ruins of the tower. A song only they can hear and follow.

  • To Activate a magical item for 1 round is a Hard Arcana check. Failure results in the loss of 1-3 healing surge(s).

Gazetteer - The kings Skull

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