The Amber Oracle


The Amber Oracle was once a beautiful Ancient arch-druid who was encased in Amber and cursed by the Others to know all but unable to act – forced by the curse to only answer questions of those seeking wisdom to act.

In the Year of Undoing the feedback of the exploding Northern Engine ripped through the place that the Amber Beast Clan kept her enshrined. The blast shattered the amber encasing her body.

She is now only a head in amber. She appears to have not aged and she can open or close her eyes or speak through the substance.


Corala was once the High Druid of the ancient world. A sworn protector of the natural world and cherished by The Others and the animal kin of the world. In the late days of the war with the Ro-Rex invaders, the Ancients found themselves greatly outnumbered and facing defeat. Corala driven by despair in those dark days acted of her own accord and set to turn the tables of the conflict.

She traveled the known world and brought the many animals together in council. The creatures of the world trusted her with all their hearts and minds. And using this trust and powerful magical knowledge Corala took the animals and turned them into supernatural beings against their wills. From the wilderness rose great armies of Beast Men. The first words from their throats were curses for Corala.

Once, many centuries before, the Ko-Kree bird tribes had been given humanoid shape by their own request. But, these later transformations had been done without consulting The Others or seeking consent from the animals. They refused to fight in the war except in self-defense after they were betrayed. As far as they were concerned the Ancients could go to the same hell as the Ro-Rex armies. The Beast Men sent word to The Others about the crime that had been committed against them.

The Others distracted by their own war efforts were long in tracking down Corala as she moved through the world spawning more clans of Beast Men. But, eventually they found her in the Amber Mountains, north of Riffe. In those valleys where the Ancients mined ores and gems of mystical power The Others caught Corala as she completed one of her betrayals.

They struck her down and imprisoned her in living amber. She would remain immortal but frozen in time unable to act. And a great curse was put on her. She would only speak the truth now, but only when questioned. And those who came to ask could only ask three questions of her.

The Amber Oracle

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