An Ancient Drow Ranger


Nuerinim’s history is closely connected to the travesties of the world Lir itself. In ages past, when the Ancients enjoyed a peaceful existence, she was an explorer and hunter, traveling far and wide in the world’s endless twisting tunnels and caverns. Even venturing to the surface to explore and secure safe trade arrangements, as well as gathering primal knowledge.

Her connection with the underwater seas led her to have great faith in the world’s god, Lir and she lived in a sacred underground cavern beneath the sea. Filled with many crystal walls and ceiling, it was almost like being in the womb of the ocean. When the Great Ritual was performed by the council of Ancients, her soul was ripped from her but did not make it to the Gloom. The wards and primal currents of the water and crystals interacted to protect her soul from capture by Sa-Nah-Gig. Still, with unrest, Nuerinim’s spirit wandered but would come back and linger in this sacred cell.

As the world changed, the oceans died, and the primal spirits became corrupted, she lay as dead in the ever parching crystal cavern. Thousands of years passed and Nuerinim’s spirit continued to flee from Sa-Nah-Gig’s servants. These spirits roam about pursuing rogue spirits that didn’t make it into the fold of the Gloom. Realizing the hell of this purgatory, she developed a benevolent countenance.

Finnaly, her forgotten prayers were answered and Lir was reborn! The life giving waters flooded into the crystal chamber and her spirit and body were reunited. Being flushed out into the sea world above, she started with life anew. Being an ancient in this newly developing culture has left Nuerinim on the shy, quiet side. She observes the unfolding new days with wonder and protects her few loyal friends with martial prowess, fearing their possible future if death reaches them prematurely. This fear of death and Sa-Nah-Gig’s schemes, gives her the power to lend protection in the form of raining arrows on their enemies.


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