A great spirit of the icy wastes that only allows the hardiest to travel or settle in his domain.


I’Cola has not been seen by mortal eyes, or at least none that have spoken of it.

The terrible Wendigo that serve as his avatars in the wastes are a mixture of many arctic creatures and can appear to be vast in size. So it is uncertain even if those who think they have seen the great creature have not in fact only seen his minions.


I’Cola has always ruled the north ice floes and polar wastes. He is one of the great Others that were born along side the god Lir on this planet. He is a primal creature who is as merciless and unforgiving as the wastes he rules.

He is known to demand blood sacrifice in his honor just to allow outsiders to travel in his domain. This blood sacrifice is usually given willing and simply a a cut hand allowed to bleed until the cut freezes over in the wind. Though some of the shaman in the Gul’Dug tribe speak of great sacrifices that can be made to grant an audience or favor from this powerful creature.

Those that fail I’Cola are often turned to frozen skinned ghouls that he allows to feed on the dead and living that have not proven themselves. Among these ghouls can sometimes be found powerful shamans who have crossed over to continue serving I’Cola after failing him in life.


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