Timeline - War Upon Lir

Ro-Rex led his vast armada across the stars to the planet Lir. And here he faced the greatest challenge to his godhood in the inhabitants who dwelled there. This was not a world still recovering from the Great War or without a God. The Ancients saw the great floating towers and cities loom in orbit above and settle down on their planet. The vast enslaved armies spilling out to conquer them covered the hills and plains of their beloved world. Lir, the Others of the world, and the Ancients all fought back with everything they could muster.

At first they struggled to fight the invaders in standard warfare, but found the numbers too great. Also to their horror they found that the followers of Ro-Rex did not die. When killed the Chaos engines that powered his war machines resurrected them as mindless creatures that continued to serve his will and more powerful lieutenants. In desperation they first shattered the second moon of the world and rained it down on the enemy. But, this did little to stem the tide of Ro-Rex’s deathless army and he was already subjecting some of the captured Ancients to his Chaos bonds.

Another terrible realization overcame them as well. The wrecked war machines powered by the Chaos engines were leaking the corruption into their world. The Chaos orbs when destroyed lost their shape and became a black fluid capable of corrupting anything that it came into extended contact. The great black ships sank into the sea and turned the deepest depths into a dark realm of horror. Shattered flying ships crashed into mountains and jungles soaking the undergrowth and soil with Chaos that spread like radiation into the ecosystems. Others and natural creatures were becoming corrupted and mutating into demons that preyed on both sides. Their world and people were dying.

The Ancients with their backs to the wall became obsessed with survival. They betrayed their vows to Lir and the Others. Slowly over time as the war turned against them they awakened their own suppressed Chaos knowledge. The High Druid Corala forced animals to be transformed into Beast-Men to fight against the invaders. She was punished by the Others and a line of distrust was drawn between the defenders. It was then that the Ancient’s ruling Council of Ten opened the sealed vaults containing the darkest knowledge they had rescued in their centuries of wandering from world to world.

In that vault they found a spell that could kill a God. This spell had been used by the Draconian ruthlessly. It required an incredible sacrifice, but the Council concealed the true cost to their people.

A small segment of the Ancients had retained their higher purpose and argued against the opening of the vaults and even attempted to interrupt the ritual that was being cast on a global scale using the mighty pylons that connected all the Ley Lines of the world. But, they were too late and their shouts of reason fell on deaf years. In the end it did spare them the fate of the many who did not question the Council.

The ritual was started by the Council of Ten and it demanded a mass sacrifice of life power. The Council used their own people who were loyal as that sacrifice. A tactic the Draconian had also applied to their slave races when using the ritual. Promising an incantation that would free their people of the invaders; instead the Ancients taking part in the ritual across the planet of Lir gave their life force to the ritual being conducted by the Council. The few remaining millions of the Ancient race died in seconds as the ritual drained their souls, opening the world along its continental plates. The plates pulled apart so they didn’t touch but the atmosphere of the world held magically.

The world’s crust separated further from the inner molten core exposing it. Ro-Rex slammed by the power of the ritual lost touch with his armies and was pulled towards the core to be destroyed. The Ro-Rex armies and leaders closest to him in his citadel perished instantly in the backlash of the ritual ripping Ro-Rex from his place. Their bodies, still powered by the massive Chaos engines of the flying cities, rose up again moments later. The dead minds filled with the angst and fury of the God they couldn’t hear anymore. His last commands, a cry for revenge and to restore him at any cost leading them forward for centuries to come.

The ritual should have pulled Ro-Rex to his doom in the molten heart of the planet. The world pulling back together becoming whole again, sealing him forever within its bowels. But, it failed and never completed. Even though an entire race had given their lives the spell did not have enough power to complete. It hung half finished, Ro-Rex orbiting the molten core, dreaming but alive. Leaving a world broken apart into separate shards that did not touch and littered with cities that were little more than tombstones now.

The Council was thrown into total depression. They had failed and left their world in dire straits. They had no idea if the magical bonds would weaken over time and the world drift apart into the cold ether of the stars. Their actions had made enemies of all their allies, including the God Lir who slipped beneath the waves without a word to them. The forces of the ritual had cut them off from the afterworld as well. The souls of an extinct race crowded into the Gloom and found no release. They had been forged into a single being that housed all their souls. A creature that would one day be fearfully called Sa Nah Gig by those who had no knowledge of this history.

In these dismal moments with nothing to lose they dared one final crime. From the vaults they found a spell that could cross the dimensions and open a portal to the Astral Wastes. They would make a deal with the Draconian to save themselves and their world. In their silent chamber deep under the island called The Throne of Lir. They managed to open a pinprick in the fabric between them and the Astral Waste. And a quiet whisper of a great being slipped through that opening and made a pact with the Council.

Gar-Voa-Lox made a pact that he would restore them to their rightful rule over the planet Lir and that he would destroy their enemy Ro-Rex. He would require a great deal of time to restore himself to form and power. He had slipped across the dimensions as a mere shadow incapable of completing the task immediately. They signed their vow in their own blood upon the chamber wall and allowed their souls to join the host that was Sa Nah Gig. This would preserve them through the ages, until Gar-Voa-Lox could accomplish his side of the bargain and eventually restore them to the world of the living. In return he asked only for the death of their god Lir. They never hesitated in making their decision.

Timeline - War Upon Lir

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