Timeline - The Rise of Ro-Rex

On some war torn world without a God, a race had evolved and carried on after its own masters had been lost in the great conflict. They progressed along under harsh conditions but eventually became the masters of the world they inherited. Among them rose a being named Ro-Rex. He became a self taught student in the arcane, learning from fragments of artifacts that remained buried in his home world. At long last this being grew tired of just being a mere mortal and launched on a path to become a God himself.

In his studies he discovered the dimension of Chaos. A place no creature of this world could exist. But, Chaos is an element when pulled from the outer worlds. It has melting and freezing points and he found that it was sensitive to willpower. He broke holes into that dimension and allowed small amounts of Chaos to ebb through. He gathered it up and found that it could be shaped through ritual into a metal that could be bonded to flesh. And once bonded to flesh it could be further coaxed with rituals and willpower to become his living flesh. He carefully replaced his whole being with the Chaos metal, which later came to be called Dark Iron. And through it surged a power of almost limitless potential. So he expanded his size and form becoming a giant of Chaos, but still only possessing the small mind of a mortal. He looked to the people of his own world and then beyond and felt his chaotic blood boil with conquest.

Ro-Rex declared himself a God and the people of his world became his first converts, either by choice or forceful conversion. Their new God bonded them with small pieces of the Chaos metal. Just a single strip made a victim or follower part of his will and increased the power of his servant in the same process. His most loyal and willing followers were allowed to wear more of the chaos metal which increased their personal power many folds. Until an elaborate caste system was established within the church that worshiped this mortal God.

In great ships powered by raw engines of harnessed Chaos he launched his followers into the depths to conquer all he met. With the power of Chaos to drive the ships forward, he shaped massive stone castles and cities that drifted towards unsuspecting worlds. World after world fell victim to his army’s might. Any races they encountered were enslaved by bonds of Chaos metal and swelled his ranks. And so the people of his armada grew diverse but everyone shared his cause without question; with only a small piece of their soul crying with shame in the back of their mind to be free.

Timeline - The Rise of Ro-Rex

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