Timeline - The Forgotten Era

When the war came to a halt with the world rending spell to stop Ro-Rex; not all of the Ancients slipped into extinction in the aftermath. Among the few survivors was a holy man, a living saint of Lir.

It was he who rekindled the worship of Lir and The Others in the newly freed armies of Ro-Rex. For in those early years, Ro-Rex’s hold on his followers was greatly reduced. And those who were not greatly Welded could see what had become of them and sought a new life.

From the shores of Riffe Kir-Khan preached and taught those first refugees. And from those shores he sent them out to spread this new knowledge to the ruined world and all who wanted a new way. The forefathers of Scaalaee were among these early pilgrims. In this way the world of Lir was populated by Humans, Fanglings, Dwarfs, Elves, and other races from beyond the stars.

In those same years two brothers of the Ancient race set out on two separate paths to understand what had happened and how to restore their world. Content Not Found: drugal became The Traveler. He slowly moved through time leaving his body in the past. This allowed him to project himself forward with many restrictions on directly affecting the future himself. But, he could observe everything that happened over the years and use those observations to lead others native to that time period to act. His brother jumped forward directly into the future blindly in small leaps. Observing what he could in each jump but not staying too long since he was still aging normally. He was looking for a pivotal point in the timeline to make a difference. He was rash and prone to risky actions … he would become known as The Gambler.

They had both been suspicious of the ritual casted by the Council. They knew two of the Ley Line powered pylons had never activated during the ritual. They cast incredibly dangerous wards on these last two remaining pylons that were attuned to the Chaos metal bonds that the Ro-Rex followers wore. One of these pylons that never received enough power from the sacrifice to activate was located on The Throne of Lir, which would one day be known as The Isle of Scaalaee.

The followers of Ro-Rex were not silent during these years. Many of them did not give up the ways of bonding the Chaos metal to their bodies. Though Ro-Rex did not speak directly or lead them directly they could hear and feel his dreams. This living branch of the Ro-Rex followers came to believe that Ro-Rex had learned his lesson and wished to make amends of his crimes. They struggled to free their God so he could repent and lead them in repairing the damage done here before moving on to find a world of their own. They were eventually lead by the Hierophant of the Dawn; a Ko-Kree native to Lir.

Meanwhile, the undead followers of Ro-Rex under the command of Hierophant of the Night, terrorized the planet while searching for ways to follow Ro-Rex’s last commands he had given to them in his terrible agony of being bewitched by the world rending ritual. They warred and destroyed all living creatures they met, including the living followers of Ro-Rex; bonding the Chaos metal to all their victims to increase their armies.

Over the course of a thousand years the world was repopulated by those freed from the bonds of Ro-Rex and those who worked in his name. The god Lir went silent and made no actions upon the world. Though she felt the worship of the freed peoples and she came to accept some communities of them.

The corruption of Chaos spread slowly in the darker corners of the world and the Deep Water and Deep Earth cults were born. Both swore to their demon lords to spread the corruption of Chaos and to summon to this world from a far off barren planet a great evil they called the Dark Sky. One by one Others were corrupted and they in turn brought men and beast into their mutated fold. In some places like the Isle of Benn and the nameless jungles that ringed the equator these demons ruled openly with their followers. On Benn the great wolf demon Zatch grew in power worshiped by races of terrible shape changers, while a nameless horror festered in the jungle known as Green Hell.

In many places Others retained their Fey nature and defended themselves with loyal followers and creatures while trying to maintain what balance they could against the creeping corruption. Ragar kept watch over the sacred Lir-Khan Sea while the Golden Mur spread his followers across the world in the guise of traders to seek out all they could learn and to thwart threats.

Over the years the peoples that had made up Ro-Rex armies went native and forgot their own origin and that they were not native to this world. They looked upon the ruins that dotted the world with great superstition and lived a primitive but fruitful life. A few groups build cities while other integrated into the tribes of Beast-Men who now flourish in some places.

And across the world Sa Nah Gig, most feared of all known immortals, is whispered in only the quietest of voices and never at night. They say she still walks among mortals as a ghostly woman with a shroud that holds no face and escorted by souls she has enslaved. They appear as savage demonic pigs at her side.

Priests and seers say that she died in an epic war when the races of the world were young. And now only exists as a twisted presence that haunts the whole of the earth seeking revenge. They say she trades in old secrets for those who bargain with their souls.

Despite her reputation she is no demon or god. She is much more complicated. Sa Nah Gig is the vengeful spirit of an entire race personified into a single entity. This angry spirit haunts the world that once was their own. With only the desire to see the mortal god Ro-Rex destroyed once and for all by the unimaginable arcane incantation the race started but never finished. She resides in the Gloom. Once a passage for spirits to enter the afterlife. She blocked the passage and held the souls of the dead hostage. Those who are resurrected from the dead came back insane and dangerous; possessed by spirits from the past. From time to time she allows some souls to pass back to the world. But, she always places a great price on this favor.

Gar-Voa-Lox took the name of Garlic and gained enough power to assume the shape of any humanoid he killed. And so began his long scheme to fulfill the pact and return his banished race to the worlds.

Timeline - The Forgotten Era

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