Timeline - Tempest and Exodus

The rebirth of Lir changed the very nature of life upon Lir. On the day of Lir’s resurrection, a great storm formed over the Last Sea and spread over the entire planet, slowly flooding the barren landscape. The inhabitants of low lying areas either fled to what cities remained or drowned in the rising sea.

Founding of the religious orders worshiping Lir and Sa-Nah-Gig. The Sun Folk become the Storm Children and declare holy war upon Lir’s enemies while working to purify the corruption upon the planet.

Lesser Others are awoken and draw followers and supplicants.

Harzon destroys the Green Hell, establishes a cradle of civilization around the Temple of Stars, and then forms the Star Guild with the aid of The Homeward. The Star Guild is intertwined with Sa-Nah-Gig’s faith. There is travel beyond Lir, and the religions of Lir and Sa-Nah-Gig spread to twelve new worlds.

Massive cities spring up on the Isle of Benn, Gazing Rim, …

Races and cultures from other worlds come to Lir. Trade and study of the arcane arts flourishes, and a golden age begins.

Timeline - Tempest and Exodus

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