Timeline - Prehistory

The worlds formed and the Gods were born, each world born with its own deity like twins from the same cosmic womb. The worlds were rich with life and pure places, each home to a God that governed over it. Upon each of the planets the Fey came to maturity as their own species and primitive natural races. The Others are born and assume stewardship over the animals and life thriving up on the many worlds.

A great reptilian Other known as Gar-Voa-Lox begins to learn through his secret research that nature is not the only science and magic in the worlds. He discovers the arcane and the strange dark powers that lie behind its power. He begins to shape creatures into his own form and creates a fearsome race he calls the Draconian. They begin to reach into other dimensions to harvest elements of shadow and Chaos to fuel their growing thirst for power. The Draconian threat spreads across worlds. Corrupting the Others that dwell there with the taint of Chaos, causing the Fey Others to become infernal in nature. Demons that live only to shape the world into their own new twisted image.

The Gods and Others take notice and demand the Draconian stop their experiments and restore the worlds they have tainted to their rightful fey ecosystems. A great war erupts across the worlds that destroys Gods, Others, and Draconian in great numbers. After centuries of warfare the last remaining Gods and their allies push the Draconian into exile; banishing them to a lifeless dimension known as the Astral Waste.

Many worlds are decimated in the aftermath of the war and left as dead ruins floating in the ether. Some of these worlds become breeding grounds and lairs to infernal creatures mutated by Chaos that escaped the cleansings. The few Gods that survived the war retreat to their home worlds and dwell in relative peace with the Others that also made it through the Great War.

Timeline - Prehistory

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