New Players

A good group of players will likely have a similar play style and ideally be capable of conversation outside of the game. Group dynamics sadly can make or break any game. As time marches on great players come and go due to circumstances often beyond their control. During those times we will silently vote and comment as a group on new players as they arrive in our circle. This page will from time to time contain hidden GM+Player notes that link to an online survey.

Please view GM secret area below to see latest voting links. Please post no comments here. All polling is anonymous but you may reveal yourself in the note. All players are welcome to vote even if they don’t engage in the Wiki.


We are currently losing two players as of July. With a 3rd player leaving us in October or thereabouts. Frankly Jared and Johnny bring opposite dynamics to the table that will be sorely missed. They both bring great ideas and fun to the table as well as incorporate a strong leadership role to the party without falling into being aggressive. We will want to make sure we find some very strong players both mechanically and personality wise in the coming months.

Please refer any possible players you encounter to my personal email address.

New Players

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