Gazetteer - The Refuge of Kantan

The former stronghold of the slaver band Cos Brothers became a beacon on hope in the aftermath of Lir’s rebirth. Now, it lies as the one great settlement within the Savage Isles.

The Sun-Folk used the knowledge given to them by the wandering son, Malharath, and made their way here as pilgrims. The high plateau remained above the rising waters and the great carved fortress of stone became the birthplace of many influential movements.

Over time, many seeking refuge from the storm and other growing powers made the barren plateau surrounding the tall tower of stone their home. The Sun-Folk adapted their ways and became the Storm-Folk, begrudgingly allowing outsiders to gather and settle. These newcomers were not allowed within the walls of Kantan itself, but many promising candidates were handpicked to join the orders that formed within the sanctum. These chosen became missionaries and warriors of a great jihad that the Storm-Folk called to purge the world of dangerous enemies. These enemies included The Thorns and others who followed the Nameless One, the scattered stragglers of The Night, and other forces that openly aligned themselves with Chaos and darkness during the Age of Corruption. Over the years, the jihad has waned and some groups inside the Storm-Folk have questioned whether it should continue. While the lessons of the Blight are still remembered by some, others are slowly drifting towards the outside world’s influence.

Kantan of the present day is a shanty town that tightly packs all available land around the carved tower of Kantan and it’s walled city. It is a home for the homeless and shunned, who do not wish to brave the seas and remote corners of world, but do not wish to subject themselves to the caste systems of other cities.

The sprawling streets and alleys are thick with open markets and small churches. From the urchin street preacher who lives in the gutter between sermons on a barrel, to small stone churches, to all matter of gods. Inside the walls of Kantan proper, only the Church of the Heart is honored with worship, though rumors persist that some keep hidden altars to other gods in the city.

Beneath the city are an elaborate network of tunnels and chambers built by the Cos Brothers that stretch throughout the plateau. Some of these tunnels sink into the earth where they become flooded by the sea that they must surely connect. The Storm-Folk and other factions of Kantan use these to move about quietly. Some of the network has been closed off, citing terrible dangers that now lurk in those places.

Gazetteer - The Refuge of Kantan

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