Combat Flow and Tracking

At the start of each session the following player roles will be assigned to volunteers (who earn an extra Fortune Card at the end of the session)

  • Scribe: Will collect and write session notes
  • Battle technician: Will maintain markers on the board for status effects
  • Caller: Will maintain list of player initiative order for players and make sure the on-deck player has their sand timer and aw are they need to start planning.
  • Battle Tracker (optional): This is an annoying position but one I would love to have. A person who tracks effects on the board by player and monster. I have looked at tracking apps on the iPad but none of them make monsters easy. Going to do some more research.

To speed up combat the following rules will be in effect.

  • Each player will have one minute (marked by sand timer) to complete their decisions and moves.
  • The next player in initiative order will be given the 2nd sand timer and considered “on deck”. They should spend the active player’s turn making decisions on their actions for their coming turn.
  • Please roll your to-hit roll and damage for the attack at the same time.

Players with tablets or similar mobile devices are encouraged to use character tracking apps.

Players owning any effects are responsible for announcing to the current player/DM at the start of the turn any bonuses that may be in effect. Missed effects will not be retroactively added once the dice are rolled and added or the turn has passed.

Combat Flow and Tracking

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