Ancient Gold Coin


The coin is very worn on the edges but the symbols and lettering is very clear. It is made of solid gold. On the face of the coin is the image of Lir, a turtle with a leafless tree sprouting from its forehead. The back has a few words or characters inscribed in Fey language and translates into “Key of the North”.


This mysterious coin has a strange and long history. Historians over the years have revealed that it matches no known currency in the history of Lir.

It originally came to light when it was found on the body of a dead slaver by Pau Dir during the Age of Corruption. It was later learned that this coin had been taken from Naut Forlong when he was sold to the slaver caravan. He acquired the coin from the treasure vaults of Sorcerer-King Talis Krieg. The Sorcerer-King had been seeking its return at great cost.

The Veiled Alliance revealed that this coin and the one found on the Rasha, Wodewick, are part of a set that belong to the four houses of the Rasha. They believe the coins are a key to something, perhaps even to the “The Sea Above”.

In the thousand years since the Age of Corruption the coin and its sister coin have remained in the bloodline of Pau Dir.

Ancient Gold Coin

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