The demon ruler of Benn and last of the great infernal lords of Lir


He has only been glimpsed as a ghostly wolf like image.


The mysterious demon lord known as Zatch rules from the demon-state of Benn. It is a haven for those who still follow the ways of demon worship. He surrounds himself with a demonic group of allies and followers known as the Wolf Court. They are the most powerful of the many courts that whole sway on Benn. In fact the other courts exist only at Zatch’s pleasure to create multiple levels of intrigue and competition to seek out the strongest allies and enemies in his domain.

His followers are Chaos tainted creatures with some wholly transformed into wolf like beast-men. They shun the light of the naked sun and can dwell in comfort of the gloomy overcast skies of Lir. The night belongs to Zatch and his minions swell in power during this time.

Once Zatch was allied with a great number of demons. Whole were all once Fey Others before Chaos mutated them into infernal creatures. He is the last known lord from that dark alliance.


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