Young Terror (Greater Chaos Orb)

A recently waken Chaos Orb whose purpose and alliances remain unknown


Young Terror slumbered and evolved in the heart of the great city Garble. A great walking city of war built by the Ancients to combat the forces of Ro-Rex. With the death of its pilot the city laid dormant for countless centuries until Talis Krieg enlisted the aid of the famous Ratling sorcerer and clan chief, Pils Perch, to locate and revive the city. It took Pils a couple centuries to locate and engage enough power from the city’s Chaos engine to even move about randomly. But, through the theft of components from Keelmist and trade lanes the enterprising creature managed to gain enough control to bring the city to just outside of Miskeel. It was here that Talis Krieg managed to complete his plan of using a Fey body to unlock the control apparatus and instill his consciousness into the device to control the city.

However, he soon learned that the Chaos Orb powering the city had like others of its kin had evolved into sentiency. Talis Krieg was unable to keep it asleep when the party assaulted him in the heart of the city.

The mysterious Dox managed to convince the creature that it had independent will and did not need to join the hive mind against this world or the party. Young Terror gazed into the hive mind of the remaining Orbs and found something disturbing to it. It vowed that the Purpose and Contract of the Relentless should be broken. It spared the party their lives and left Talis Krieg and the city of Garble to die together.

In light of Dox being discovered to be an acolyte of the Nameless One, the third god, there are doubts if Dox’s actions were those of self preservation or part of the Nameless One’s will.

Young Terror traveled the world corrupting nature spirits and lesser Others. He had hoped to build an army of these creatures to further his own mysterious goals. He was confronted by the Heroes of the Amber on a small island in the Lir-Foam islands. Here the heroes stopped him before he corrupted the ancient Other Keagle.

The heroes trapped Young Terror in a small crystal prison along with the broken hilt of The Dagger of the Old World. They have recently discovered that Young Terror is alive inside of his prison. His eye floats in the chaos gel and threatens and taunts all who make mental contact with him.

Young Terror (Greater Chaos Orb)

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