Socerer-Queen Val-Naz

Sorcerer-Queen of the empire of House Harzon who holds sway over the Star Guild


Her ancient features are still prominent, including her orange skin and four eyes, but they are contrasted with draconian scales. She is often dressed in stately form and bears a regal glare.


Val-Naz is an ancient who has made a pact with the draconian, through a demonic emissary, and rules over the empire called the House Harzon. She considers females to be the ruling sex, regarding all men as weak and only fit for slavery or servitude to meet her ends.

After the rebirth of Lir, Harzon rose to overpower almost all the other city-states that survived the deluge. Now the empire holds sway over not only Lir but the 12 worlds of the Lir Cluster.

Socerer-Queen Val-Naz

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