The Goddess of Death


Sa-Nah-Gig, most feared of all deities, is whispered in only the quietest of voices and never at night. They say she still walks among mortals as a ghostly woman with black crystal flesh with a shroud that holds no face and escorted by souls she has enslaved. They appear as savage demonic pigs, ectoplasma horrors, and flayed corpses at her side.


For seven thousand years this dreadful creature has isolated living world from the realms of the dead. Sa-Nah-Gig is the vengeful spirit of an entire race personified into a single entity. She has over the centuries grown only more powerful and prevents all souls from passing to the bright and dark realms beyond the living planes. The Prime Material plane of the living is isolated by a thin metaphysical plane called The Gloom. All who die will pass through this place on their way to other places. And it is here where she captures those departing souls.

Sometimes she takes particular interest in the living or recently deceased and marking them with a strange mark on their backs. The mark appears as a handprint. And grows on the skin like a birthmark, this mark is cold to the touch, and when she gives the mark she usually gives the mortal a cryptic command. This mark can carry down through children placing Sa-Nah-Gig’s influence of whole bloodlines.

Most souls passing into The Gloom are absorbed into her growing essence where they exist only as a whisper in a storm of voices. She can return the dead to life and will hide souls of those she has sent back into the mortal world of Lir.

Her church and cults are widespread throughout all the living worlds.


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