Ragar the Mad Urchin


Ragar appeared as an immense starfish and attached itself to the bottom of the city as it drifted in a slow circular current in the Lir-Khan Sea. In the mayor’s main government chamber, the floor could be lifted and the vast mouth of Ragar would speak to those gathered. Ragar spoke to the Fangling leaders and those who warred against it enemies though many never knew what held the city together. It could absorb objects into his flesh and feel through empathy memories and emotions that are attached to the object.

His children seen in the Age of Corruption seemed to have inherited his emphatic powers.


Ragar was called the Lord Urchin by his followers. In ancient times it was revered by the northern tribes of the Fanglings and held court in their floating city, Flotsam Shine.

In the Age of Corruption, Ragar had gone mad as a result of Lir’s death and the constant torment of living in the toxic silt. He lived there with his many spawn constantly lashing out in rage and pain at all that reminded him of his enemy.

Since the rebirth he continues to call the Lir-Khan sea his home. The wounds of the toxic silt have healed but his madness and rage are unquenchable. No one can safely travel that sea without the looming specter of destruction from beneath the waves.

Ragar the Mad Urchin

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