Prince Tibs

A ratling of royal blood.


Tibs seems to have no outstanding powers or skills beyond a good understanding of courtly manners and some knowledge of Lir’s history.


It is still a mystery why Pils Perch demanded that Tibs accompany the Amber seekers as part of his bargaining at Coal Finger. Lo Shun vowed for the ratling’s character as the party weighed their options. Lo Shun spent some time in Coal Finger with Tibs as his escorted and companion. So far the well mannered but slightly insane creature has weathered many miles without betraying them.

Tibs is a taller and thinner ratling compared to the more common examples of the Amber Seekers have discovered in their travels. While graceful and mannered he does space out from time to time which may be contributed to royal interbreeding.

Prince Tibs

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