Lost Ship

The last living remnants of the Nameless One on Lir, that prowl the air for other ships.


Seawater will destroy them and they react to it like acid. Lost ships can fire seedlings over great distance to burn the sides of victim ships and overtake their crew. The seedlings are fungus and slime creatures. At extreme distance only smaller and weaker seeds can be fired, but as the Lost Ship closes in on its target the vessel can fire stronger seedlings to swarm over the decks.


Sailors of Lir tell rumors and legends of strange vessels sighted in the fogs of the world’s seas. These ships are air galleons with no crew. Their ship’s bell ringing in the mists like a luring beacon in the vast trackless expanses between cities and communities. In truth they are ships infected completely with a living fungus, a fragment of the Green Hill when it held sway over Lir. The ships are only husks carrying these organisms from prey to prey. They overwhelm ships and take over them to act as another host. They only attack air vessels.

Lost Ship

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