Mysterious and missing sea witch of Foam Crests. Mother of Opal


Koko was found clinging to the stones at the base of the Foam Crests just over a decade before. The seas has been storm ravaged for weeks leading up to that fateful night. When pulled from the sea she claimed to have no memory of her past and was pregnant with child. The villagers of Foam Crests assumed she was a survivor of a ship that met its doom on the stormy seas. The child, Opal was soon born in the safety of Foam Crests.

Koko went on to become a legendary oracle navigator for the Foam Crests fishing fleets. She raised her daughter in the same sea witch traditions. And by ten the girl was equal to her mother in insights and power.

A year before Koko set out with one of the far sea shipping expeditions. This fleet went deep into the Feral Sea to seek out large Fire Fish. The fleet of three ships disappeared without a trace.

The night before leaving for the trip Koko went to the Temple of the Gull. She took part in the rare and powerful ritual known as “Accepting Fate of your own.”


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