Bishop Murkle

The patron and keeper of the true faith of Lir.


Murkle was a central figure in the founding of the churches that worship Lir and Sah-Na-Gig. He passed away having completed many great works after the return of the God Lir. He recognized that the true balance had not been restored. Though he is long dead he appeared to the Amber Seekers on the ruins of the Isle of Song. Here he showed them a powerful illusion of what life could be like should they achieve their goal. He also revealed the location of lost artifacts they will need to gain access the Womb of Lir.

Key to his teachings is that Sah-Na-Gig and Lir must be different sides of the same god. The Isle of Song of illusion was covered in an icon that combined symbols that represent both of these gods. A teaching that was reinforced by brief words with Sah-Na-Gig and Ophelia Pain/Haans while the god Lir sang the song of the oceans on her high holiday.


Bishop Murkle

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