The Darkness Between Stars

Stig's Got A Problem

Stig Boon, servent of the Mist Guild council, has a problem and so do those chosen by the Amber Oracle

Rescued from the cannon fire and foot soldiers of the Relentless, the party receives the newly arrived ship with both relief and caution. The Relentless have left the party seriously injured and need of succor. Once the incoming ship has docked and her marines have secured the wharf, a round and not particularly tall man in an elaborate head dress welcomes the party.

He introduces himself as Stig Boon, a ranking servant of the Mist Guild council. He informs the party he has come to Amber Point to ask a question of the Oracle. Discovering that the Oracle has passed on troubles Stig. He then questions the party about their attackers. Hearing that they are stalked by the legendary assassins the Relentless Stig comes to an interesting proposal.

He explains that the famed city-state of Mistkeel has been plagued the last year by a curse. A terrible pair of creatures have been stalking the streets of Mistkeel and beguiling the most talented of their shipbuilders. Leading them away from the city and into the island’s highest mountain peaks where they are never seen again. Although sometimes parts of them are discovered in the city like taunts. The creatures are known collectively as the Hag and the Whore. One hideous creature of dark magics and the second a beautiful and seductive demon that can appear as both male and female. Many have sought to remove the curse and all have perished or brought further doom on the city.

Stig Boon had hoped to ask the Amber Oracle for a clue to stopping the curse. However, all he has found is an Oracle reduced to dust, a town reduced to ashes, and an interesting assortment of bloody strangers.

He offers that Mistkeel could provide a ship of their highest craft. A ship tuned with magic and capable of traveling undetected, even from the most famed assassins and trackers. A ship like this could be acquired for the services of removing the curse once and for all.

The party agree to join Stig in his journey back to Mistkeel.

Boarding the ship the party are puzzled by a mysterious stone box on the bow of the ship. As the vessel gets underway they witness the crew lifting the stone to reveal a mummified creature sitting in a stone chair. It’s eyes an mouth are all sealed with ancient sinew and the petrified flesh is cut deep with runes carved many centuries ago into living flesh. The captain of the vessel explains that the creature is called a Seer. They are unique to Mistkeel’s fleet of ships and serve as navigators in this starless world of water and rain. He claims there are a great number of them that serve the Mistkeel Guild Houses. And he has no love for them.

The party study the creature for sometime and come to realize that the Seer creature is guided by an outside presence.



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