The Darkness Between Stars

Relentless Assault

The Relentless launch an overwhelming assault in an attempt to destroy their quarry

The party heads back to Amber Point to disembark on their journey back to civilization. They brave the treacherous mountain trails while remaining alert for ambushes from the Relentless. Upon reaching the small coastal hamlet, they discover the entire population has been massacred and subjected to a strange preparation that is part ritual and part alchemy. The party concludes potent and living chaos has been injected to the brains of the villagers and then drained out. A means they suspect to activate the chaos with limited intelligence. A method to create new Relentless automatons.

The party set fire to central structures of the village to destroy any vestige of the dark deeds done here. While watching the dark smoke rise from the fires they contemplate how to secure or build a vessel to escape this desolate isle. Suddenly cannon fire cuts through the rain and fog. A flying vessel of the Relentless descends on the village, dropping ground troops. The party is forced to seek cover and fight among the burning buildings.

They are nearly overwhelmed by the Relentless sky ship and forces when a mysterious sailing vessel appears in the harbor and lends its own cannon fire to the battle. The blindsided Relentless take heavy damage to their ship and quickly retreat.

As the mysterious sailing vessel draws closer, the party recognize she flies the colors of Mistkeel. A island nation notorious for their arcane ship crafting skills.



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