The Darkness Between Stars

Prologue - Shaped By The Tempest of Lir

In the thousand years since the rebirth of Lir, much has changed



Prologue- The Continuation of the Story of Pau Dir
(See the epilogue in the Dark Skies Campaign for the first part of this story)

Pau still had the mark of Sah-Na-Gig on his face. She still had an element of power over him. So when he died, he went to the gloom. There she confronted him, as she was unhappy with all the work he had done for Lir, and nothing was done in her name.

Pau once again engaged in a discussion with the Goddess of Death. In time, he convinced her if she seeks adoration and worship like Lir recieves, Sah-Na-Gig must stop her goal of killing everyone, and keeping all their souls in the gloom. People only fear her, and look to Lir for rebirth and hope.

If there is no new life, in time there will not be any death either. By allowing souls a choice in their fate, there can be rebirth and new life. Some will choose to go back, and some will choose to pass on. There will be a balance, and both goddesses will prosper.

Sah-Na-Gig is convinced by Pau’s words, but if she is to do as he asks, she has a task for him. He will go back, and create a church in her name. Seeing a need for balance in all things, Pau agrees to this task.

Pau is sent back to the world, this time as a Shadar-Kai. He had spent much time in the gloom, and it did have some effects on him. His eyesight is restored, and while he cannot percieve invisible things anymore, he needs little light to see. He has a greater desire to experience things, since the gloom is devoid of stimulation.

The second Pau does as he was asked, and establishes a church in the name of Sah-Na-Gig. It takes time, but as people begin to see that there is hope for rebirth, and the afterlife, they begin to see Sah-Na-Gig as a true Goddess of Death, and offer her worship. Thus the balance is established, the ying/yang of life and death exists, and both Goddesses prosper.

Pau establishes this new church and monestary alongside those of Lir, to illustrate the equality of the two faiths. The new monestary teaches a different fighting style, one more indicative of the different qualities of the realm of Sah-Na-Gig. This also serves as a training ground for new warriors who wish to serve the mistress.

In this new life, Pau again marries and has children. He lives a long life in the service of Sa-Na-Gig, and sees the church of Sah-Na-Gig spread far and wide across the world. He dies content that he had done all he could.

And so both churches exist side by side, each with its own followers. They do not see eye to eye on all things, but they share a common heritage, and the bloodlines of Pau Dir exist in each faith. They have an uneasy alliance, and stay out of each other’s business when possible.
Each protects artifacts of their respective faiths: The Shard of the Scepter of Lir, and the Blade of the Old World. Additionally, each church protects one of the two Ancient Gold Coins.

The religious quarters of the cities are the largest part of the urban area. There churches are varied as Christian religions of our world. The Sah-Na-Gig and Lir churches are always next too each other and equal in size surrounded by lesser sects and other religions.


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