A time of tides and intrigue

The world of Lir has been reborn from tempest. The god Lir has returned but now she rages in primal anger at the world that allowed her to be destroyed. There are no blessings now … only rain and fog that wrap the whole of the world in storm. From the remains of the past have risen new empires and a thousand religions that lay claim not only to Lir but the worlds beyond.

With her last breath the Amber Oracle has stirred the spectre of change one last time on Lir. And all of existence now turns its ear to catch the murmurs rising from the rain drenched world. The unspoken truce between gods and mortals is called into question. Now a few who have been brought to this cause by destiny or choice must dare to go where even gods fear to tread to bring the worlds into balance before they suffer a faith none can imagine.